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Indrustrial Design

Industrial Product Design is a profession that takes place in the design, application and management phases of all kinds of objects produced by industrial methods. Graduates of the department usually work as a designer in the furniture industry, automotive industry, glass and ceramic industry, interior design decoration, graphic design and packaging. They are suitable for freelance work, so they can set up their own design offices.

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Prep School


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Sütlüce Campus

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4 years

Message from Head of Department

Today, Industrial Design not only design of product, it has also broad definition that includes system, service and experience design. World Design Organization which had accepted the covering in 2015, describes industrial design as “a strategic problem-solving process that drives innovation, builds business success, and leads to a better quality of life.”

Graduates, generally could develop products in many different fields such as daily life goods and accessories for home and office, electronic vehicles, jewelry, souvenir, mobile vehicle, promotion and display, furniture, luminaire design, baby-children products, toy, sport products and package. In the field of system design, they work on display systems such as stores, museums, fairs and events, visual arrangements and product-life cycle design. Industrial designers make arrangements to bring together user experience studies and employer expectations thorough service design, such as mapping, wayfinding, service process and presentation. They also work on experience and interaction design fields.

Undergraduate curriculum basically includes design and product development, technical drawing and visual presentation, computer aided design, model and prototyping, material and production methods, ergonomics, marketing, intellectual property rights and design history. Students also gain experience by taking courses in many different design areas, and increase their knowledge of production thorough technical visits.

The main objective of the department is to educate contemporary and innovative designers which are respond to current and future industrial needs and requirements of Turkey. It is important for our country to realize original, exportable product designs that will create added value.

Graduates of the department can work as designers, design managers in industrial management organizations, or they can provide design, implementation, supervision and design consultancy services by establishing their own private design offices. They can be an expert witness and a Technology and Design Teacher in secondary education with additional training.

Assis. Prof. Dr. Zeynep FIRAT EZENCİ

D. Head of Department