Faculty of Architecture



The main purpose of the Department of Architecture is to train contemporary architects who will contribute to the planning and projecting of living and usage areas that will meet all kinds of needs of people with their modern education understanding and practices. The graduates of the department are present in the architectural offices, as well as T.C. Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, T.C. They can find jobs in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and in municipalities.

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Prep School


Campus Information

Sütlüce Campus

Education Time

4 years

Message from Head of Department of Architecture

Dear Students,

We are opening the doors of the architecture profession’s active and innovative enterprising world based on design and creativity. You will be walking to the future with Department of Architecture which has s strong design culture and a rich cultural heritage and which has an aim of conservation and preservation behind you. You will be training as well-equipped technically and intellectual “world architect” by the Golden Horn and its universal values. As Haliç Architecture Family, we have a collaborationist, transparent and honest character which is focused on accurate and solution oriented design. On the way with these priorities, you will be walking as a part of equitable and sharing team which will always support your potential. Under Haliç’s roof, we support your curiosity and entrepreneurship confidently and pertinaciously with empathy and honor of well-established  educational culture, we start your journey on the world of current science and technique. Our mission is to give attentive and genuine architectural education which is sensitive to the cultural heritage, able to create solutions to design problems, respectful to national and regional facts, able to educate intellectual and successful professionalists by updating classic main architectural education lasting centuries to a more current and new way. While you are walking to the future on this way, we will accompany you as Haliç Architecture Family with respectful and exorable experienced academic staff and administrative units.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Jülide Edirne

Head of Department of Architecture